VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server

What is VPS Hosting, VPS means Virtual Private Server is one of several types of web hosting service you can choose from to host your website. To get your website onto the internet you need to have your web hosting server. Setting up and then managing a website can be difficult and expensive. Using web hosting allows you to rent space on a web server making it easier for the average user to be able to have a website. All the user needs to do is upload their web files, whilst the hosting provider takes care of setting up and maintaining the server.

VPS Hosting is a great alternative to shared hosting as it is cheaper than dedicated hosting but offers more benefits and advantages when compared to shared hosting. A VPS hosting server mimics a dedicated server whilst still being in a shared environment, it does this through the use of virtualization software. Technically it is both dedicated and shared hosting.

What is VPS hosting service – servers are partitioned by the virtualization software, when you use this type of hosting you get your own partition on the server. Although the server is shared it has less users than with shared hosting meaning that your available disk space and bandwidth are larger. The server partitions mean that you aren’t affected by the actions of other users on the server as what they are doing is kept within their own partition, and similarly whatever you do will have no effect on the other server users. In this way it is like having a dedicated server but with less fees.

The technology used for VPS hosting is similar to that of Virtual Box and Vmware. These programs allow for multiple virtual operating systems to be run on one machine. For example, you may run Windows XP on your desktop whilst also being able to run another operating system such as Windows 7 or linux without needing to restart the computer.

VPS Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages

VPS Advantages

As with all types of web hosting there are advantages and disadvantages as well as each type being more suitable to certain circumstances. The advantages of using a VPS hosting plan include:

  • It is cheaper than using a fully dedicated hosting plan, where you pay for the whole server.
  • Many VPS hosting plans are customizable, thus you can pay for only what meets your needs and not pay for any features that you will never use.
  • Many VPS hosting plans are easily scalable. You can start with the minimal amount of resources that you need and then as your site grows increase your hosting plan to meet your growing resource needs. There is no need to pay for resources you aren’t yet using.
  • You have greater control than with shared hosting. You will likely have root access and the ability to run scripts which you are unlikely to be able to do with shared plan.
  • VPS plan have similar technical support as available with shared hosting.
  • You are able to choose between semi managed hosting and fully managed hosting, with semi managed the web host will carry out some of the maintenance.

VPS Disadvantages

As with all systems VPS hosting service also have their disadvantages including:

  • Limited resources when compared to a fully dedicated server. Even though you have separate packages and services you are still sharing the server with other users.
  • VPS hosting requires some technical knowledge, you will need to be able to install software and software patches, maintain the server, deal with security issues and so on, all of which you don’t need to worry about doing yourself with shared hosting.
  • It can become difficult to manage the virtual server at times when large and/or unexpected traffic is occurring, this is because more often than not resource plans have been taken out based on minimum requirements only.
  • VPS hosting service is less powerful than dedicated.
  • VPS hosting service is more expensive than shared.
  • A breach of security or a software failure can cause a large issue when one persons server activity affect another user.

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