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iPage Review – iPage Hosting has been offering individuals and businesses affordable services. You want an affordable hosting, read more here iPage review.

Have you checked the hosting prices? A hosting package goes anywhere from $3 to $50 a month on average. iPage price remains at $1.99/mo. If you are looking for a affordable web host iPage is #1 choice.

iPage hosting is owned by Endurance International, and so that is company whose name you will find listed at the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB accreditation means that the company will try to handle customer complaints professionally, a good rating with the BBB gives the customer some assurance that the business they are dealing with is legitimate. However, as always, it is still best to do your due diligence before buying and thus avoid the need to fill out complaint forms further down the track. So you have come to the right place to find out about iPage.

iPage give over $500 in extras: Google $100 AdWords, Bing $100 Ad Credit, free WordPress, justcloud free 1GB storage and free SiteLock (security tools).

ipage give $500 in extras

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30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

It is always great to hear a iPage offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Some web hosts will lure you in and then not give your money back in full if there are any problems.¬†If for some reason you aren’t happy, then you can get your money back in full within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Basic Features
Storage Capacity Unlimited
Bandwidth Data Transfer Unlimited
Addon Domain Unlimited
Control Panel vDeck
FTP Account Unlimited
SFTP Support Yes
Free First Domain Yes
Private Domain Reg. $9.99/year
Extra Domain Reg. $14.99/year
Auto Script Installer SimpleScripts
Custom Cron Jobs No
Server Side Includes Yes
htaccess Overrides Yes
All Items Description
All Items Description
e-Commerce Features
OS Commerce Yes
ShopSite Shopping Cart Yes
Google Check Out Yes
Cube Shopping Cart No
Abante Shopping Cart No
Zen Shopping Cart No
SSL Support Shared
Dedicated IP $59.95/year
Email Features
Email Accounts Unlimited
Auto Responders Unlimited
Email Forwarder Unlimited
Spam Free Protection Yes
Webmail Support Yes

iPage Features

Live 24/7 Chat Support

Whenever I had any problems with the service (usually due to my own mistakes), the iPage customer service team were quick to answer my question and help out anyway they could.

Their techs were there to provide step by step instructions that had me back up and running in no time at all. Chat support is the first place to go and they will look into your issue, however with anything complicated you need to wait for email support to take care of it.

Based on my own experience this second line of support would respond within 24 hours and in the case of server outage the response was quicker.

Control Panel

A lot of website owners don’t have the time or inclination to learn all about web hosting or how online technologies work and integrate, they just want a quick and easy way to get a professional looking website up and running fast, so they can get down to the business of using the site to make revenue. If you fall into this camp then you are going to love the following iPage feature.

They have a tremendous control panel (vDeck) that makes administrating a website, or multiple websites, a breeze. The functionality of the control panel is such that you will be able to perform almost all the tasks usually carried out by highly trained IT professionals without having to learn any of the languages or commands yourself.

Reliability and Uptimes

These are both critical, if your website is unreliable and often having downtime then all the coolest features in the world won’t make up for it, people need to be able to reach your website consistently for you to be successful. If your site is constantly down or the servers keep crashing then this is going to be bad news for you.

An uptime chart can be seen below. Their aim is to be at 99.99% and we can see that for the last 30 days they’ve had 100%, which is as good as you can get! Breaking the uptime data into more detail we can see that at the time of writing this iPage review, had had 100% uptime during the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days consecutively.

Reliability and Uptimes

I can’t fault it and I’m finding that my WordPress installation is still loading as fast as usual with no running issues.

iPage hosting has become renowned as one of the best web hosts with a healthy following, in both business and personal circles, as a go to company for web hosting. So, even though the chart is just a snap shot of performance, it is consistent with how they routinely operate.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Support is great but what is even better is when you don’t need to contact support in the first place. iPage have the network uptime monitored 24/7 so that they can respond as soon as anything goes wrong.


Earlier I mention that iPage host has “SiteLock” but that is not all you should consider. If you have an e-commerce site and hold customer data you will probably want 24 hour guards on site and the use of closed-circuit television.

Website Settings

I will walk you through the control panel menu. The FTP management panel allows you to check your FTP details and to create, edit and delete FTP users, you can also set the default directory location. The FileManager is a simple tool that allows you to carry out the same tasks you can via an FTP but without the need for a client. So that’s uploading and downloading of files, creating new files and editing existing ones.

Hosting Utilities and Settings

Cloud Storage

iPage hosting offers 1 GB cloud storage for free with JustCloud. It’s a service owned by EIG (the same company that owns iPage). It appears to be similar to dropbox, however I haven’t tried it personally as I already have a storage solution. I may give it a try and post a review here in the future though.

Mojo Marketplace

iPage’s 1-click installer is called Mojo Marketplace although it is more than just an installer, it is also a marketplace where you can find a lot of free stuff such as plugins, graphics and logos, themes and other add-ons. The installer is pretty easy to use but if you do need help setting something up then Mojo provides services for this.

My Install

SimpleScripts is similar to Mojo market place but instead of picking out new things to add, it instead shows you what you already have installed on your account.

MySQL Database

Makes it easy to utilize the power of Structured Query Language (SQL). Mojo handles the creation of databases when you use it to install your scripts, however if you are a power user then you can use MySQL to edit directly in any database field.


iPage uses Shopsite which I haven’t personally tried as I prefer to use open source programs, of which there are many that offer the same features as Shopsite. What does give Shopsite an advantage is that it is integrated into iPage host, meaning that should you have any problems related to your shop the iPage support will help you fix them. The downside is that they charge for the feature and it locks you into your iPage contract, in that you cannot move your shop to another host as easily as you can when using an open source shop solution.

Visitor Statistics

All web hosts offer visitor statistics which is the older style of statistics, for this you can choose between AWStats and Webalizer. These are really only useful if you want to see raw data, and are useless if you want information on conversion funnels, bounce rates etc that are used by webmasters to analyze and develop their websites. For those sorts of statistics you can use Googly Analytics or Piwik an open source alternative.

Website Creator

CM4ALL and the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder are both quite similar, they let you set up great websites without any technical knowledge. I personally prefer WordPress because it’s in a different league, but with that you also need to carry out some maintenance for which you don’t get any support other than that provided by the community.

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