Very Solid Server Performance

BlueHost’s server performance has been pretty impressive as of late, they have scored 99.9% uptime on average throughout 2014 and have been in my Top 5 Uptime hosts several times this year. Pretty good for a $3.95 per month host!

Uptime Stats

During my BlueHost test period I only experience one instance of downtime which lasted for 2 minutes. For a cheap shared host this is really impressive.
So if choosing to host your site on the BlueHost platform, uptime shouldn’t be a concern.

BlueHost Speed Test

We used a new testing method recently, which is to check our test site from numerous locations. In February of 2016 the test site hosted on BlueHost was tested from the West and East coasts of the United States and scored 23 and 26 milliseconds respectively, giving it an overall score of “B”, a decent result.

uptime stats

CPU throttling is no longer an issue!

I have just under 10 niche sites hosted with my BlueHost account right now and I have not witnessed any CPU throttling in the last few years and I rarely hear of any complaints about it from anyone else these days either, so I’m convinced that CPU limiting factor, as it was called by BlueHost, is no longer a concern.

CPU throttling

User Dashboard Additional Features

I personally like how the user dashboard on BlueHost works, even though it’s running on the standard cPanel the customized UI makes it feel a lot more user friendly.

BlueHost also offers many other features which are also worth noting, such as 404 settings, language preferences, dedicated domain management system, goMobi, Weebly, Cloud Flare, and php PgAdmin and many more.

Helpful User Support Portal

What I couldn’t find mentioned of on a lot of other review sites is that BlueHost maintains an extensive knowledge base. They have video tutorials available on their YouTube channel and they provide comprehensive documentation for their services.

Having this knowledge base is a great time saver as when a problem arises it can often be solved by checking the documentation or watching a video tutorial.

Not only is this often quicker than using live chat or phone support but it also has the added benefit of you acquiring the knowledge for yourself which you can then use in the future if needed.

Flexible Hosting Choices

BlueHost offers the full range of hosting options: shared, VPS, dedicated and reseller. This takes the worry out of what type of hosting to use because with BlueHost you can change your hosting package as your business grows. If you’re a beginner this mean you can start with shared hosting now at a cheaper price and upgrade as you need to.
BlueHost’s price guide shows that the Pro Pacakge has 80% less accounts per server, with allows each of those users more resources per account, such as more CPU usage, bandwidth and disk usage, which in turn then means that those users will experience greater speeds and CPU power for their websites.
There official statements also states that in most cases users on Basic and Plus won’t have action taken against them unless they exceed 200,000 inodes.


Bluehost support is given via 24/7 phone, live chat and email support, not something that many hosts offer. My experience has found the support to be above average with answering site specific issues and any general tech questions that I’ve had but the response times have sometimes left a lot to be desired, with contact being made anything from 10 minutes to 1 hour after the request for help was submitted, and often that first response was just an automated message.

It was easy to forget that BlueHost are a very cheap shared host whilst testing out most of their services but sadly support is the exception to that. BlueHost support is sadly lacking when compared to hosts like SiteGround who provide fast, efficient and 100% human support.

BlueHost Plans Prices
Shared Hosting 3.95$ – 14.95$
WordPress Hosting 12.49$ – 85$
VPS Hosting 14.99$ – 59.99$
Dedicated Hosting 74.99$ – 124.99$

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

At anytime BlueHost users can ask for their money back via a pro-rated refund. This means that BlueHost needs to work hard to maintain happy customers as there isn’t’ much to stop people just upping and leaving.

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Concluding this BlueHost Review

I think you’ll find this review to be one of the most thorough available on the internet, I’m very passionate about web hosting and could go on about it all day but am aware this has already become very long and want to wrap it up.

BlueHost offers hosting plans that are quite a bit cheaper than their competitors and except for the sub par support I found BlueHost to function well in every way.

There are limited add-on domains allowed on their most basic plan, however this is unlikely to deter their target market, new bloggers and webmasters just beginning their journey into the world of website building.
If you are looking for a reliable, feature packed and competitively priced web host that will allow you to build a site without needing to understand the nitty gritty of the technology behind it, then you can’t really go wrong with BlueHost.

If however you are looking for something that is the next level up then I would recommend HostGator Hosting, they are both slightly more expensive than BlueHost but they do everything that BlueHost does…only better.

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